Student Application 2016

The new deadline to apply is Thursday, October 13th, by 4pm.

*Please ensure you fill out the ENTIRE APPLICATION. KIAC will not receive incomplete applications. Once submitted, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address indicated on the application form. 

*Additionally, make sure to print off the following:

  • Student Guidelines Form - for you to read and SIGN
  • Consent Form - for your parent/guardian to SIGN
  • Give both documents to your school's designated YAE Teacher Chaperone
Below you will find a description of each of the workshops offered this year. Selected students will attend one workshop for the duration of the program.



  • Explorations in Encaustics with Nicole Bauberger

    Encaustic is a wildly creative painting medium which uses molten beeswax mixed with pure artists' pigment. You can layer, scrape and imbed objects, creating a richly coloured and textured surface.

    Over the four days, students will create several paintings, and develop strategies for creating and refining their vision in this medium, as well as tools for evaluating what they've done, improving their work and bringing these reflections to their next project. Join the Encaustics Workshop! It’s big and bold and playful!

  • Screen printing with Kuetina “Qaqtis”

    Screen printing a.k.a. silk-screening provides participants with the ability to print photos, designs, logos, or text onto any medium. This workshop will cover the essential building blocks of screen printing- the supplies, techniques, screen preparation, ink mixing and printing. The students will learn different methods for making print-ready images- on paper, wood, clothing, etc. The workshop will cover single colour as well as multi-coloured prints. Join the Screen Printing Workshop! It’s simple to learn, and has boundless possibilities!

  • Improv Intensive with George Maratos

    This improvisation workshop aims to improve confidence, hone your creative & presentational skills, teach a multitude of theatrical and improvisational concepts, while having a good time in a comfortable, receptive environment. This is achieved through a progressive series of games, exercises and performances. Join the Improv Workshop! Where having fun is an art form!

  • Additive Sculpture with Meshell Melvin

    This course is an additive approach to the basics of sculpture using common everyday materials. Cardboard, wire, clay, and found materials will be modeled, assembled and constructed to build the image. Unlike the finality of each step in the subtractive process, additive sculpture allows the artist the unlimited ability to keep working until the final product "looks right." This flexibility allows the artist great freedom, expression, and experimentation. Join the Additive Sculpture Workshop! Where there are no borders to what you can image and create!

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Application forms

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