2013 Exhibitions

November 14 - December 13, 2013


Opening Night: Thursday, November 14th
Artist Talk: 7:30 PM in the KIAC Ballroom | Reception to follow

FRONTIERS IN REAL ESTATE is a travelling exhibition that Chris Foster has been developing since 2011. This body of work is comprised of to-scale model sculptures and serigraph prints developed as a highly portable travelling exhibition and the works pack into small creates and shipped via Canada Post.

The works in Frontiers in Real Estate suggest themes of escapism, scarcity and resourcefulness. The six sculptures are built from scale model vehicles that have been altered and combined with traditional wooden dwellings, complete with shingling and architectural embellishments common to houses found in Eastern Canada. The prints depict imagined makeshift dwellings set into remote Northern landscapes, industrial ruins and tall telecommunications towers.


CHRIS FOSTER is an interdisciplinary artist working in illustration, sculpture and print. His work employs a dark sense of humour to navigate feelings of optimism and hopelessness in contemporary life. His work celebrates Do-It-Yourself resourcefulness while challenging popular notions of progress in Western culture. His creative process is motivated by production-based projects, multiples and editions. He finds his aesthetic cues in old books, everyday vernacular and obsolete technology. 

Foster attained an interdisciplinary BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design (NSCAD) in 2008. Since then, he has exhibited his work in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Ontario. His broader creative practice has included work with several artist-run projects in Halifax. He co-produced a publication called The Periodical Project; a free quarterly newspaper promoting Halifax based Artists. He was the Chair of Programming for the Khyber Centre for the Arts from 2011 - 2013 and a founding member of the Last Chance Studio, a shared studio complex in Halifax's North End. He is the festival co-ordinator for the White Rabbit Open Air Art Project, a month long Artist Residency program that takes place in Upper Economy, NS each year in August. After a decade of living in Halifax, Chris recently moved to Toronto to explore the side streets and back alleys in search of new friends and collaborators.


exhibition brochure with text by Dan Dowhal


October 3 – November 1, 2013


Opening Night: Thursday, October 3rd
Artist Talk: 7 PM in the KIAC Ballroom | Reception to follow

In most recent works, the fragmented and multiple self is investigated through a hybridization of Filipino and Western folklore, pop culture of the 80s and 90s, geological processes, weather systems, North American landscapes, coincide with references to childhood games that attempt to connect and communicate with the supernatural to bring what is not of the home, into what is the home – suggesting boundaries crossed in favor of testing limits and gauging what to fear and believe, and how to make sense of the unknowable. Narratives of past and present; in their re-telling and reconfiguration, transform into personal myth whose imagery functions in the fantastical and otherworldly, unfixed, plural, and boundless.


Marigold Santos pursues an inter-disciplinary art practice involving drawn and printed works, sculpture, animation, and sound. She completed her BFA in Print at the University of Calgary in 2006, is a recipient of numerous awards, and has exhibited her work within Canada, United States, and Japan. 

She currently resides in Montréal, QC, where she has recently completed her MFA from Concordia University in the Fall of 2011, and divides her time between her practice and eating croissants.

exhibtion brochure with text by Elaine Corden

August 15 – September 20th


Opening Receptions: Thursday, August 15th, 7 PM (Griffin) and 9:30 PM (Fuller)
Artist Talk: Friday, August 16th, 8:30 PM in the KIAC Ballroom


Images: (top) Sarah Fuller, Dubois Residence, 2012. (bottom) Paul Griffin, Sarcophagus for an Elm, 2012.

The Natural & The Manufactured is a unique thematic project jointly organized by the ODD Gallery and the Artist in Residence Program at the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture based in Dawson City, Yukon. Conceived as a speculative research and presentation forum, the N&M looks to the myriad ways in which we both influence and are influenced by our natural and constructed environments.

Through a rich program of exhibitions, installations, actions, lectures and essays, The Natural & The Manufactured endeavours to engage both artists and audiences in a re-examination of the cultural, physical and economic values imposed on the environment. This project seeks to explore alternative political, social and aesthetic agendas and strategies towards a reinterpretation and new understanding of our relationship to the environment and our social infrastructure: the indelible ways in which our natural landscapes influence, inspire and sustain us, and conversely the ways in which our perceptions of - and actions upon- these landscapes directly impact the environment itself.

The Natural & The Manufactured 2013 — the ODD Gallery’s 9th annual edition of the project—features the work of four diverse participants. The ODD Gallery is pleased to present a site-specific outdoor installation by Sarah Fuller (Banff, AB), an ODD Gallery sculptural installation by Paul Griffin (Sackville, NB), a lecture by poet Robert Bringhurst (Quadra Island, BC), and a commissioned critical text by writer and visual artist Meg Walker (Dawson City, YT).


ODD Gallery Installation
Opening Reception: Thursday, August 15th, 7 PM
Artist Talk: Friday, August 16th, 8:30 PM

Griffin will install a large-scale sculptural installation in the ODD Gallery that explores the relationship between human desire and heavy industry that has driven Dawson City's development over the past century. As described by its organic contours, Welcome Stranger references the world's largest known gold nugget, discovered in Australia in 1869, and the Chinese scholar stone, a prized eastern object known for its metaphysical properties. Throughout their history, both of these natural forms have provided sites for the intersection of spiritual aesthetics and financial value, driven by the internal need for the heroic quest and eternal contemplation. Using thousands of ordinary construction screws to carve out the work's material form, Griffin's ghostly installation will depict the nugget constantly sought but rarely attained.

Outdoor Installation 
Opening Tour: Thursday, August 15th, 9:30 PM (nightly tours continue to August 24th, contact ODD Gallery for details)
Artist Talk: Friday, August 16th, 8:30 PM

The historical town of Bear Creek, YT is situated approximately 12 km outside of Dawson City and was the former company town for Yukon Consolidated Gold Corporation. It has been abandoned since the mid-1960s and is now maintained by Parks Canada as a National Historic Site. Many of the residential buildings have been transported from their original site in Bear Creek to Dawson City, and all that remains of their presence in the original site are their foundations. 

In the outdoor installation The Homecoming, Sarah Fuller has re-inserted five of the buildings back into their former place of residence via large-scale photographic prints on linen. These prints are manipulated using theatre techniques once used by Daguerre in the Paris Diorama in the mid 1850s, and will see the houses shift from dusk to night. The artist seeks to create a sense of home in the structures, as well as a visual play on memory, ghosts and history. 

In tandem to the installation at Bear Creek, five signs will be placed around Dawson in front of the buildings where they currently stand today. Each sign will have a short history of the residence and its connection to Bear Creek. 


(Image credit: Louise Mercer)

Saturday, August 18th, 6:30 PM in the KIAC Ballroom

The great (and almost wholly self-educated) British physicist and chemist Michael Faraday, lecturing on the properties of metals at the Royal Institute, London, in December 1858, said “I am no poet, but if you think for yourselves, as I proceed, the facts will form a poem in your minds.” Many artists and writers, as well as many first-rate scientists and mathematicians, have had that experience, of the facts forming a poem in their minds. Why is it, then, that we speak so often of poets, writers and artists as people who make things, or who make them up, though we are happy to say that scientists discover things? If the facts form a poem, do they really only form it in your mind or do they also form a poem – a radiant, resonant order – out there in the world? Is the poem of the facts real, or do we have to dream it up? Were the poets William Butler Yeats and Marianne Moore, when they spoke of “literalists of the imagination,” speaking of artifice or of reality, or of both? 

Post Exhibition Essay


Sarah Fuller is a Banff- based artist working in photography, installation and video. Her work is about multiple levels of perception, reality and narrative. In the last few years this has manifested in multi-disciplinary installation work combining photography, video and text. Place take a central role, often with personal experience as a starting point. Sarah often thinks about vantage point and an experiential view of physical and psychological landscape.  

Currently Sarah is showing work in the exhibit Wish You Were Here at the Union Gallery, Kingston. In 2013, she was part of The News from Here: The 2013 Alberta Biennial curated by Nancy Tousley at the Art Gallery of Alberta, and the two-person exhibit See Attached at Truck Gallery with artist Dianne Bos. Sarah has been an artist in residence at the Fondazione Antonio Ratti in Como, Italy, and the Association of Visual Artists (SIM) in Reykjavik, Iceland. When she not making art, Sarah is the Photography Facilitator in the Visual Arts department at The Banff Centre where she assists artists in residence and mentors emerging visual artists.

Paul Griffin is an artist from Sackville, New Brunswick who has previously lived in Ontario and British Colombia. His work also covers a wide range from photography to drawing and presently focuses on installation sculpture. Griffin's practice investigates the myriad of ways that the vernacular can be used to interpret societal and personal views and perspectives. Over the last decade he has pursued an ongoing body of works titled the Woodpile Series that seek to transform this ubiquitous object into an aesthetic creation.

Griffin graduated from Mount Allison University with a Bachelors of Fine Arts in 1992 and then went on to complete his Masters of Fine Arts at the University of Guelph in 1994. He has lived in Sackville since 1988 where he has worked at Mount Allison University in various positions since 1994. Before concentrating on his academics he worked as a logger, millworker and log home builder in Hazelton, British Columbia from 1977 to 1988.

Robert Bringhurst has published some twenty books of poetry, including Bergschrund (1975), The Beauty of the Weapons (1982), Pieces of Map, Pieces of Music (1986), The Calling (1995), Ursa Major (2001) and Selected Poems (published in London by Jonathan Cape in 2010). He has co-edited 
(with Doris Shadbolt, Geoffrey James and Russell Keziere) Visions: Contemporary Art in Canada (1983), which after thirty years remains a key work on the history of Canadian visual art. With Haida sculptor Bill Reid, he is coauthor of The Raven Steals the Light (1984), published in French in 1989 with a preface by Claude Lévi-Strauss. The Black Canoe (2nd ed., 1992), Bringhurst’s study of Reid’s sculpture, is a classic of Native American art history. Design schools and publishers around the world rely on his book The Elements of Typographic Style, which has been translated into ten languages and is now in its fourth edition.

Meg Walker alternates writing with art-making, hiking between the topographies of sight and word.. Her wanderings across Canada landed her in Dawson City four winters ago and, thanks to the incredible invention called the internet, she continues to write from here for magazines and small-press publications. Recent work includes “Crocus Bluff – open arms” as part of the group show Traversing Yukon Landscapes at the Yukon Art Centre, Whitehorse.

June 27 - July 27, 2013


Opening Night: Thursday, June 27
Artist Talk: 8 PM in the KIAC Ballroom | Reception to follow

(top) Tyler Brett, Past the Smuts Grid, still from ongoing video series, 2009-2013.
(bottom) Kerri Reid, The End of the World, still from video series, 2011.

Signs of Life is a two-person exhibition consisting of videos, sculptures, and drawings that involve the artists’ interactions with remote landscapes and objects that more typically exist in the periphery of consciousness. From Brett's short video segments creating make-shift architectural movie sets out of obsolete, modified farming implements, panoramic prairie crop land, bleak Icelandic landscapes, and construction site materials, to Reid's videos of the shadows cast over and by a set of six broken and discarded objects she found while in Dawson City in 2010, their work attempts to breathe new life into abandoned, neglected, and overlooked objects and scenery.


Tyler Brett and Kerri Reid are visual artists originally from BC, who studied art at Emily Carr in Vancouver.  In 2010, Brett invited Reid to the small rural town of Bruno, Saskatchewan, to be the first artist-in-residence in the old bank building he had recently purchased.  They ended up getting married and co-directing the Bruno Arts Bank as a thriving arts centre – artist residency/music venue/coffee shop/gallery/mini-museum/record and bookshop/etc – for the next three years.  Brett and Reid recently sold the Arts Bank and have relocated back to BC to Sointula, a small fishing village on Malcolm Island that was originally settled by Finnish socialist utopians. (‘Sointula’ means ‘place of harmony’ in Finnish.)  They are in the process of starting up a new small arts centre that will include an artist residency, venue, and a shop in a shed: The Sointula Art Shed.  Brett and Reid also perform Tyler’s music as The Department, with recent performances in Reykjavik, in San Francisco at SFMOMA, and in Bruno, Saskatchewan at the Seniors’ Friendship Centre for Seniors’ Appreciation Day.

www.sointulaartshed.ca   www.kerrireid.com   www.tylerbrett.ca

The artists wish to acknowledge the support provided by the Canada Council for the Arts and the Saskatchewan Arts Board in the production of this exhibition. 


May 16 - June 21, 2013


Opening Night: Thursday, May 16th
Artist Talk: 7 PM in the KIAC Ballroom | Reception to follow

(Above image: Veronica Verkley, SCAVENGER: Coyote learns to forage, 2013.)

REIMAGINING THE NORTH: A curious series of miniature dioramas by Dawson City-based artist Veronica Verkley recombine northern mythologies, natural history, and storytelling in a contemporary context.

The installation comprises 26 musty wooden boxes (one for each letter of the alphabet) that reveal a skewed 3D storybook world: a compendium of creatures, real and imagined, that roam the boreal forests and tundra, adapting to new world situations as best they can. Rusty mechanicals, sound cues, tiny landscapes, and museum-style narratives combine to reveal the magical, hidden worlds of coyotes, sasquatches, caribou and ice worms.


Veronica Verkley is a media artist, sculptor and filmmaker who grew up in the wilds of southwestern Ontario and now lives and works in an off-grid Yukon bush cabin built with her partner.  She has served on the faculty of the Yukon School of Visual Arts since 2007.

Verkley’s work is founded in a wide-ranging, exploratory approach. Ranging from the mechanical to the ethereal, her creations often address concepts of a mediated, technologically enhanced Nature, juxtaposing our romanticism of the biological world with contemporary technologies. Her extensive exhibition record includes projects that traverse the mediums of sculpture, film and kinetics. Past professional work includes numerous designs for feature film, television, and theatrical productions in the field of animatronics, art direction, puppeteering, and animation.

Her short film A Working Cat's Guide to the Klondike won the Audience Choice Award at the 2012 Dawson City International Short Film Festival and has gone on to screen at the 2013 Tromso International Film Festival in Norway. Her work is currently on view in Larger than Life: Contemporary Art from the Yukon at the Ottawa Art Gallery, produced in conjunction with the Northern Scene event.

April 25 - May 11, 2013


Opening Receptions and Year-end Celebration: Thursday, April 25th | 6-10 PM

The Dawson City Arts Society, Tr’ondëk Hwëch’in, and Yukon College are pleased to announce the SOVA Year-End Exhibitions & Celebration  for the Yukon School of Visual Arts (SOVA) 2012-13 Foundation Year Program students:

Andrée Belanger | Darcie Bernhardt | Derian Blake | Tarie Castellarin | Adonika Clark | Isabel Ford | Tamika Knutson | Mike MacKenzie | Joanna McDonald | Vivian McIntosh | Joey O’Neil | Robert Paul | Simon Rivard-Bernard | Suzanne Roberts | Dustin Sheldon | Colleen Smith | Karen Thomas | Sean Warnick

IN THE YUKON SOVA GALLERY: Student work from 2D and 3D classes led by instructors Veronica Verkley and Bill Burns.

IN THE ODD GALLERY: Student work from instructor Nicole Rayburn's 4D class as well as Over the Wire projects in collaboration with participating artist duo The Yes Men.

ON THE WEB: Year-end writing projects from instructor Meg Walker's English class, now online at www.yukonsova.ca/curiosity.


March 7 - April 12, 2013

(Image caption: Chris Blanchenot, Under New Management: Video Store, 2010)



Frankly, we're not your typical video store. Far from it! In fact, Under New Management is a virtual entertainment funhouse allowing you to pay-what-you-wish. We have many rare titles and a unique rental policy!

Video Store is a gallery exhibition that takes the form of a video rental store. The project employs the characteristics of the retail environment to connect to the local community while, challenging the gallery’s role as an intermediary that delimits the viewer’s direct access to art. Video titles in stock are artists' works procured through an open call for submissions . “Customers” are asked to pay what they wish, which can be interpreted as cash, a non-monetary exchange, critique, or no remuneration. This facet is in place as an experimental form of engagement, where artists have the opportunity to receive responses directly from viewers. In turn, the viewer has an uncommon channel to the artist. In addition to payment, rental and return are also on an honour-system basis to remove barriers that exist due to membership requirements, deposits, and return policies at commercial ventures.

Including video works by: Alleyway A.G., Artlitwell, Perry Bard, Aleks Bartosik, Steve Basham, Sarah Beck, Ashley Bedet, Simon Belleau, Stephane Boutet, Theodore Boutet, Pierre Chaumont, Millie Chen, Michèle Clarke, Eva Colmers, Claro Cosco, Sarah DiPaola, Robert Dayton, Zoran Dragelj, Daniel Dugas, Megan Dyck, Caz Egelie, Clint Enns, Sky Fairchild-Waller, Simon Frank, Lisa Folkerson, Sarah Fortais, Kandis Freisen, Stephen Paul Fulton, Daniel Gallay, Paul Gordon, Shlomi Greenspan, Keeley Haftner, Martin Hamblen, Ursula Handleigh, Sienna Hanshw, Mike Hansen, Paul Harrison, Mathew Hayes, Stefan Herda, Karen Hibbard, Candice Irwin, Felix Kalmenson, Eva Kolcze, Apostoly Peter Kouroumalis, Toni Latour, Anastasia Lognova, Christopher Lacroix, Valerie LeBlanc, Renee Lear, Melanie Lowe, Duncan MacDonald, Adrienne Marcus Raja, Lyla Rye, Mani Mazinani, Penny McCann, Arlin McFarlane, Kristine Mifsud, Gordon Monahan, Caroline Monnet, Didier Morelli, Grey Muldoon, Midi Onodera, Juan Ortiz-Apuy, Ryan Park, Jason Penney, Iqrar Rizvi, Jade Rude, Matthieu Sabourin, Liana Schmidt, Olivia Simpson, Tom Smith, Leslie Supnet, Maya Suess, Laura Taler, Aislinn Thomas, Peter Von Tiesenhausen, Carolyn Tripp, Carmen Victor, vsvsvs, Ellen Wetmore, Elinor Whidden, Oauk Wiersbinski, Damien Worth, Robert Zverina… and many more!

Click here to download the exhibition brochure



UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT (UNM) is comprised of the curatorial team Suzanne Carte and Su-Ying Lee, a collective of cultural producers working in contemporary art. Operating as a mutable entity, UNM re-invents roles and shifts boundaries to inspire production and engagement. Collaboration with new and experimental strategies is at the forefront of their practice.

Suzanne Carte is an independent curator and critical art writer. Currently, she works as the Assistant Curator at the Art Gallery of York University (AGYU) focusing on an integrative model to utilize public programming as a pedagogical tool within the academic institution. Previously she held positions as outreach programmer for the Blackwood Gallery and the Art Gallery of Mississauga and as professional development and public program coordinator at the Ontario Association of Art Galleries. She is on the Board of Directors of C Magazine, an international art quarterly devoted to promoting critical discussion about contemporary art. Within Suzanne’s independent practice, she has curated exhibitions in public spaces, artist-run centres, commercial and public art galleries including All Systems Go!, Under New Management, MOTEL and Man’s Ruin. Suzanne recently completed her Masters of Contemporary Art at the Sotheby’s Art Institute in New York City.

Su-Ying Lee is the Assistant Curator at the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art (MOCCA) and most recently completed a one-year curatorial residency at the Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, funded by the Canada Council for the Arts. Lee has both institutional experience and a number of independent projects to her credit. She has curated exhibitions that include the work of Kent Monkman and Lawrence Weiner and commissioned the work of Harrell Fletcher and Wendy Red Star. Her curatorial practice has been steadily evolving into the expanded field. Lee is interested in the role of curator as co-conspirator, accomplice and active agent. She seeks new ways to mobilize art, audiences and context.


January 24 - February 22, 2013

Mining the Archives: the Biennial DCAS Member's Exhibition

Opening Reception: Tuesday, January 24th at 7 PM

The ODD Gallery is proud to present another instalment of the DCAS Member's Exhibition, an ongoing biennial project since 2001. This year's exhibition assumes the thematic title Mining the Archives, seeking to comment on the influence of time and place upon the arts in this small northern community.

Participating artists: Jay Armitage | Amy Ball | Palma Berger | Art Black | Ange Bonnici | Riley Brennan | David Curtis | Adonika Clark | Katie Gray | Shelley Hakonson | Paul Henderson | Kathryn Hepburn | Cynthia Hunt | Jane Isakson | Wanda Jackel | Hannah Jickling | John Lodder | Vivian McIntosh | Joey O’Neil | Otto from Dawson | Aubyn O'Grady | Evelyn Pollock | Evan Rensch | Al Sider | Valerie Salez | Anne Saunders | Rachael Siminovitch | Dan Sokolowski | Penny Spencer | John Steins | Audrey Vigneau | Mario Villeneuve | Meg Walker | Kendra Wallace | Michael Yuhasz


January 7 - 31, 2013


Opening Reception: Tuesday, January 8th at Noon

The ODD Gallery is pleased to partner with Robert Service School in the presentation of artwork from the 2012 Youth Art Enrichment Program on display throughout the month of January. Stop by RSS and check out the Yukon's talented young artists! ( Please check-in with the front office upon entering the school.)

Participating artists: Asia Hyde ▪ Madie B-Traplin ▪ Annie Johnsgaard ▪ Finley Sparling ▪ Amaya Cherian-Hall ▪ Kristy Sibbeston ▪ Daniel Li ▪ Wai Fung Ma ▪ Alix Ward ▪ Sarah Cardinal ▪ Kayla Carlick ▪ Melissa Boone ▪ Clara Reid ▪ Sruthee Govindaraj ▪ Kara Seeney-Graham ▪ Vera Schall ▪ Liam Finnegan ▪ Kayleigh Poelman ▪ Kyla Kijewski ▪ Alyssa Blanchard ▪ Haley McKeown ▪ Amy McDonald ▪ Shealee Mazur ▪ Kayla Spaque ▪ Kate Gallagher ▪ Kennedy Rumbolt ▪ Shandal Sam ▪ Ashlynn Frost ▪ Sheila Kyikarichik ▪ Malanya Kyikarichik ▪ Rachelle Martin ▪ Asia Winter-Sinnot ▪ Kecia Shepard ▪ Adrianna Brunet ▪ Bambi Stewart ▪ Tala Moore ▪ Julia Balderas ▪ Camille Saunders ▪ Nylan Zalitis ▪ David Johnston ▪ Madison Betts ▪ Jasmin Stange ▪ Ryan Titus ▪ Christina Strutton ▪ John Dagostin

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