Camera Obscura

Built in 2004, with the support of many local businesses and community volunteers, the camera obscura is a small structure located on the dike in downtown Dawson.

Camera obscuras are the world's oldest and simplest kind of cameras. Latin for “black room,” the camera obscura is an optical device dating from 300-400 BC which projects an inverted image of its exterior surroundings on its interior walls through a lens in the side of its structure. The camera obscura was instrumental in the development of the optical sciences and led the way to the invention of photography. For centuries, camera obscuras have fascinated artists wanting to accurately depict the perspective of landscapes, as well as those who have been transfixed by the ethereal natural projections the camera provides.

The camera obscura is open on weekdays from 10am to 5pm, and on weekends from 1 - 5pm during the spring and summer seasons, and is accessible by appointment during the fall and winter. To best experience the camera obscura, enter the building and give your eyes a few minutes to adjust to the darkness. Watch as an image of the outside world, in full colour and movement, magically takes shape on the walls of the “dark room.”

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