Screen Printing Drop-in


(subject to room availability)


KIAC Classroom

$10 per drop-in

Important Drop-in Info:

  • Max number of participants at a time: 6, on a first come first served basis
  • The Screen Printing drop-in space is for participating artists only
  • It's advised that participants provide their own supplies. Some outdated/student quality inks and other materials may be accessed for those wishing to experiment but these items should not be relied upon. 
  • Transparency printing is available at KIAC on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday before 4pm, subject to staff availability. Bring a flash drive with your file ready to print. If possible, call ahead. Printing fees apply.
  • KIAC's old screens are available for use, providing they are well maintained (i.e. cleaned after each use).
  • Reusable yellow screens, which go with the large green frames, can be purchased at KIAC in advance during business hours for $21.

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