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    Daniel Bachman

    Date: Mar 10, 2017 | 7:30 PM-10:00 PM

    Daniel Bachman is a 6-string and lap guitar player from Virginia currently living in Petersburg Virginia. From 2008 to present he’s been releasing material of almost exclusively an instrumental nature while touring everywhere from Istanbul to Los Angeles.

    "Artfully crafted solo acoustic guitar with storytelling capabilities than belie the lack of lyrics" - Rolling Stone

    "In all of his work so far, guitarist, Daniel Bachman has avoided the traps of robotic fingerpicking. But on Daniel Bachman—his eighth solo album, and second self-titled one—he does so with a new level of sophistication. It’s his most thoughtful release to date, filled with mindful reflection and confident patience. Even during his snappiest songs, Bachman takes time to consider where he is and where he’s going. When his pace starts to rush, he pulls back, ringing out a long chord or even stopping completely to avoid just going with the flow." -Pitchfork

    "...there is a tenderness in how Bachman quests for melody like it's an ache he already knows. He circles the fretboard with certainty, digging in his heels until the drone overtakes the hammer-ons and pull-offs as they become sparser, piercing like a floodlight out of darkness." -NPR

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