Current Residents

Kerri Flannigan, Victoria, BC, May 1-28

Kerri Flannigan is a Victoria-based interdisciplinary artist. Through drawing, projection, and performance, Flannigan explores methods of experimental narrative and documentary; Grounded in both personal history and in-depth research, her recent body of work examines family mythologies, coming of age confessions and non-verbal communication. Flannigan has shown locally and internationally and has received support from BC, Quebec and Canada Council for the Arts. 

A recent focus in my research has been communication. My latest body of work was a video-based performance that explored idealized forms of communication, such as Blissymbols, an symbolic ‘anti-word’ language designed to eradicate  miscommunication, and Láadan, a feminist language created to end patriarchy. These universal languages were interwoven with coming of age stories; my own idealisms around language, and because my sister is a non-verbal communicator, the particular ways in my family that we engage with communication outside of spoken language. In Blue Crush, a new body of work that I am beginning to develop at KIAC, I continue to pursue my interest in exploring forms of non-verbal and embodied forms of communication alongside the broader theme of ‘coming of age’ through narrative, video, animated images and performance. These experimentations will incorporate various forms of found and original imagery, simple drawings and shadow/light.

Nina Elder, New Mexico, May 10-30

Nina Elder is an artist, adventurer, and arts administrator. She grew up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado and New Mexico where she cultivated love for the land and curiosity about its use. After earning an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, Nina returned to northern New Mexico where she co-founded an off-the-grid artist residency program called PLAND: Practice Liberating Art through Necessary Dislocation followed by several years as the Residency Program Director at the Santa Fe Art Institute. Nina’s work is exhibited and collected nationally, and has been supported by the Andy Warhol Foundation, the Rauschenburg Foundation, and the Pollock Krasner Foundation. 

Nina examines historic land use and its cycles of production, consumption, and waste. Mines, bombing ranges, and junk heaps are source material for her landscape paintings and representational drawings that explore the line between land and landscape, beauty and banality. She has backpacked into mines, travelled to Arctic Cold War military sites, and obtained government clearance to tour the Nevada Nuclear Test Site. She has drawn with radioactive charcoal, ore from mines, and dam silt. Her personal experience of research is reflected through performative, narrative presentations that are equal parts travel log, artist talk, personal story-sharing, and scientific inquiry, as well as a call for greater curiosity and engagement with the world.

While in residence in Dawson, she will exploring the legacy of miners - their ambition, independence, ingenuity, and their relationships to large phenomena such as geologic time and the global economy. 

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