Additional Residency Information


Residencies are programmed by the ODD Gallery and Residency Program Committee, composed of regional practicing artists and arts professionals.


Notification of results takes 8-12 weeks. Although every effort will be made to accommodate scheduling requests of successful applicants, first choices may not be available. Please indicate flexibility with and restrictions on dates available in your application form. Please note that a significant portion of our program schedule is dedicated to specific project and partner residencies. Double- check that you are applying for the correct dates and projects.


There is no fee charged or stipend paid for a residency. Participants are responsible for the cost of all travel to and from Dawson City as well as all materials related to their artwork and for personal living expenses including food. Artists in Residence are asked to provide one free public talk during their residency. Artists who provide additional outreach programming through KIAC will be paid accordingly within the current KIAC fee structure. All successful applicants are encouraged to apply for travel grants from the Canada Council for the Arts or their provincial/regional arts councils; the success rate of travel grants to our residency program are very high.


Artists in Residence are asked to provide one free public presentation during their stay in Dawson City. Artists are asked to bring work documentation materials with them for the purpose of projection – KIAC can project digital images and video on DVD or CD, and audio. Artists in Residence may have the opportunity to provide additional outreach programming beyond the required free public presentation. Please note that courses/workshops can only be offered subject to KIAC programming approval and facilitation. Artists interested in facilitating a workshop through KIAC are encouraged to contact the Residency Coordinator well in advance of arriving in Dawson for their residency. Artists may also have the opportunity to facilitate workshops in the local Elementary & Secondary School through KIAC’s Artist in the Schools Program.


The Artist in Residence facilities are located in the Macaulay Residence. Constructed in 1901, this 2-story home is now owned by Parks Canada as part of the Dawson Historical Complex National Historic Site of Canada. The building can accommodate two individual artists concurrently. Residents are provided with an individual studio space and bedroom, along with shared living room, bathroom and kitchen areas. The house has full laundry facilities. The studios measure 16' x 14' and 13' x 12' respectively and are provided with some natural light and additional portable studio lights and basic furnishings. Each studio comes with basic hand tools. There may be limited access, by special request, to additional KIAC and Yukon SOVA facilities and equipment. 


The Macaulay House is furnished with high-speed wireless internet, a 1.33 GHZ Mac Mini (MacOS 10.5) with CD/DVD Burner, USB and Firewire ports, Adobe Suite, Microsoft Office, and Final Cut 7 software. The house computer is a little worn, and we encourage artists to use their own computers. Note that internet use covers a basic band-width package, and that extra download costs will be billed to the residents.


If applying as a collaborative team, both artists should submit separate applications along with a joint project proposal. Work samples may be individual or examples of previous collaboration.


Couples (who are both artists) may apply individually for concurrent residency. It is possible that only one or the other might be accepted.


KIAC is unable to invite guests, including partners, family or friends, to accompany artists in residence.


No pets are allowed at the residence. Artists with pets must make arrangements for the care of their pets before being accepted into the residence.


Smoking is not permitted in the residence.

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